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AV Light Steel manufactures trusses, frames and structural floor joists to the clients requirements. The steel used will depend on application. Mostly galvanised steel is used and in coastal areas Aluzinc. material is utilised.

No infestation of termites, rotting, mould, moist absorption or shirking will ever be present .

AV Light Gauge Steel Products

Light Gauge Steel Frames

AV Light Steel wall frames are light, straight and true. Up to 50% lighter than a wooden frame. No labour

intensive bricklaying or wood packing, planeing or straightening is required because ‘every stud is a good stud’.

No termite protection or maintenance is ever required, as steel frames are 100% termite proof!

Pre-Braced in our factory, flush walls with no protrusions to effect linings.

Wall frame structures can be erected on top of any type of foundation or existing structure for a second storey.

There are various interior and exterior cladding and finishing options available.

Light Gauge Steel Trusses

Light steel trusses have become very popular and can be used on any type of building method, not only on a

light steel structure. It can be used on industrial steel, timber and even conventional brick or block building.

The trusses are designed and engineered according to the architects specifications and to suit the client’s needs

should it be a gable, flat or pitched roof.

Light steel trusses are very similar to timber trusses but with more advantages in terms of quality, cost,

durability and speed. No infestation of termites, rotting, mould, moist absorption or shirking is present and

often no cranes are required. One person can easily carry a 5 meter fabricated panel.

Floor Joists

Our floor joists can be used for single or double storey’s and are much stronger than timber allowing for longer

spans with no vertical support. Our beams are much lighter than your conventional steel beams and no welding

or steelworks are required.

Our joist are:

● Light weight and high strength.

● Any size available from 200mm up to 600mm.

● Spans available over 8 metres!

● Fall for water run off available for decking and balconies.

No additional preservative chemicals are required over and above the galvanizing process to treat steel, unlike

the treatment of timber.

AV Light Steel will assist you with any project big or small. Single and double storey homes, RDP houses,

schools, multi-units, site offices, garages, tuck shops, bus and taxi shelters, garden and tool sheds,

carports, decks, pavilion, partitioning in existing structures, whatever your needs.

AV Light Gauge Steel Framing and Truss manufacturers
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