AV’s Fortis Building System

AV’s Fortis Building System

The “Fortis Building System”, is a unique approved , time saving and cost effective building method for SUSTAINABLE HOUSING that can withstand ‘forces of nature’ such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, fires and termites.
The Fortis Building System is a walling system that is designed to build stronger structures of all types quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
AV’s Fortis Building System main benefits are:

●The Fortis wall is a strong structure of minimum 10Mpa up to 30Mpa. (Depending on Structural requirement)

●Walls provide excellent thermal, acoustic, fire, water, wind and termite performances.

●Fortis wall complies with the performance insulation parameters, stipulated by the energy efficiency legislation for new buildings – SANS 10400-XA, by achieving and surpassing the required R-value for all new buildings.

●It is a much faster construction method to that of conventional Brick & Block systems.

●The panels are light weight and very easy to build with and requires limited skilled man power.

●Fortis walling is more affordable than conventional building methods due to its speed of construction.

●The Monolithic continuous wall prevents this unique system from developing any structural cracks.

●It is more versatile than most systems and can be adapted to meet any building design or plan.

●The Fortis building system is far superior to conventional walling systems when it comes to security, as it is virtually impossible to break through the wall.

●The system offers structural load bearing columns which is easy, fast and cost effective to use. It eliminates the use of shuttering required with conventional methods and has an easy to use calculation table that assists structural engineers with load calculations.

●The Fortis Building System is a “one system fits all” construction system. You can build any structure both above and below ground.

Other added benefits:

●Due to AV’s Fortis Building System being a light weight structure, foundations can be designed to have less structural steel.

●The monolithic system is a structural ring beam and lends lateral strength to the structure, making it possible for almost any type of floor slab to be placed on the walls with unsupported spans of up to 9,5m.

●No requirement for structural columns needed with multi level buildings.

●Due to no chasing of services, there is a saving in labour and machinery costs.

●The speed of the system provides a saving in overheads and finance costs.

●Fortis is a compact system, therefore reducing transport costs dramatically.

●Material wastage is kept to a minimum resulting in almost no rubble removal.

●Shrinkage of material is eliminated. There are no manufacturing batch differences that could lead to inconsistency in the quality of material supplied over a period of time.

●Unskilled local labour, youth and women can be utilized to build the Robust structure.
Track Record: The Fortis Building System has a proven track record.

The system has been in operation for the past 18 years and has been used in various construction applications such as:

Multi-storey apartment buildings, Houses, Schools, Warehouses, Military camps, Swimming pools, Boundary walls, Retaining walls, High security perimeter walls, Suspended floor slabs, Staircases, Infill walls, Game Lodges, underground sewerage systems, water storage tanks both above and below ground and Silo’s up to 18,000 ton capacity to name but a few.


 It holds all the necessary compliance certificates in South Africa such as National Home Builders Registration Council approval and certification with “Agrément” South Africa.

Innovation in progress:

Although the system has already been implemented and proven in construction of suspended floor slabs, structural columns and structural boundary walls, it is currently in the process of certification through “Agremént” South Africa for all of the above mentioned applications.