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Light Steel is a green building method. More than 95% of the water used in the steel making process is recycled and
Returned, often cleaner than when it was taken from the source. Every piece of steel used in construction contains recycled content.
Light steel has been tried and tested for decades, withstanding natural disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and hurricanes, and has become a big leader for green building methods in South Africa.
Light Steel Structures are SABS, NHBRC and BANK Approved. All structures are designed, manufactured and engineered according to the SANS 517 building code for light steel structures.
Light Steel wall frames are light, straight and true, a product ideal for temporary or emergency accommodation due to its mobility and speed of erection. It is up to 50% lighter than a wooden frame. No labour intensive bricklaying or wood packing, paneling or straightening is required.
Wall frame structures can be erected on top of any type of foundation or existing structure for a second storey.
No termite protection or maintenance is ever required, as steel frames are 100% termite proof!
Pre-Braced in our factory, flush walls with no protrusions to affect linings.
There are various interior and exterior cladding and finishing options available.


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